If I share a sympathy to any Apple’s product?

In Michaels Art lessons experience! A great opportunity to teach people alive. Also a great opportunity to show off my Creative Designer’s proficiencies with this flyer. Yes I did for a quite a while time span from ever 1999 my first iMac since. For they’ve managed to curry a favour with me by all their cull peculiarities and of course the Graphite GUI features. Being an Atrist I simply can’t resist the clearance and brillance of pure colours and palettes. And I still am expecting of the sparks of aspiration and surprizes out from them. However they’ll spoiled some of my expectations already by the bureucracy when what once been conceived as a fun, one button plug and play toy now had turned into a something inhumane and cumbersome! How could a human being even  bear with all these identification barriers and verifications stuff the newest models of Apple’s top-notch gadgets are abundant with? Still I do believe they’ll get better in their way anyways. In hope of this I drew this sketch :))


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