Web-site mockups, wedding theme. The objective is to create an exquisite feeling product catalog with exclusive accent upon the beauty and delicate offer. Target group is 25-20 y.o young US americans, predominately girls.


Green Line cosmetics pins design.


More different themmed Logo Art works by playing with fonts and styles.Genuks-vintage-name-logos

Fonts were used with the mockups shown below.

Pins and labels used in mockups of popular office utilities.

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Clean Beauty Emporium at a marine theme, there much patches and lights were improved so far.


Clean Beauty Emporium there are only natural ingredients. Models were made and rigged in Modo, all scene lights material and colors were set in Photoshop CC and Keyshot.


Some Iridescent color experience a bold design experiment.


Featuring Weepu a superstar model of my concepts. And her Easter performance. 3D fonts, Illustrator and Photoshop CC’s.

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The same TV ad but with using of a skiing theme.


Go L!fe! simply TV ad set.


Just one motorcycle driven ad. +Logo works 3D.



Some exterior works and dispays featuring mockups made of my original graphics ‘Umbra2 Umbra’ comic book theme settings.

Here2Go comics Logo authentic version of workaround and production set. Using much styles and fx of Photoshop CC 2016.


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