Michaels Art lessons

Hello there, here I’d like to share with all information in regards to my original lessons at Michaels which shall cover just a diversity of genres, as well anime, comic illustration, steam punk cartoons as classics still life, drawings, paintings, acrylic techniques.

Watercolor painting original technique featuring my Art.


New steampunk visualization, to be continued.


A Stress Fighter an action packed scene heavily CapCom inspired, playing a Spinner. A somewhat rough sketch.


An environmetally concerned ecologist Dolpheo is collecting the wastes out from the ocean’s surface.


Newly addeded an LAPD roller patrol a Kitten gal officer anime aspired featured concept, make sure to see it in inking once approved.


Here is the first hit, ‘Pussa Kawaii Cap’ meets Dolpheo in the open sea, an anime-cartoon inspired sketch. Once approved with the Chartpak there some more technical steps will be added to make it finished in watercolors and natural ink medias.