wall of feedback

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR OPINION ! critics and regards are highly appreciated in here!


ArtistsGroup Linkeind Caleb Merrick

The reaction of Advisor of Polish Prime Minister from Linkedin, literally means: ‘the interesting and strong works’

6 thoughts on “wall of feedback

  1. Luciano says:

    I think you are a talented illustrator. I mean this sincerely. As a writer of Italian origin, but writing only in English, it is not easy to be published in the USA while living in Italy. This has been the case for much more well-known writers than myself. Out of sight, out of mind, the saying goes. My vacation back to California will re-establish contacts with poets like Diane DiPrima, Jack Hirschman (the greatest living American poet to my mind), Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sam Hamill, and others. I have read my work with the aforementioned in public (save for Ferlinghetti for whom I served as interpreter while he was in Italy. I have read my poetry with jazz accompaniment in various cities in Italy. Once I quit the Lineage game I will send you my work and my full professional name. To speak the truth I find some shame in spending so much time on that game which is so badly run. My excuse has been that it was too hot to write but that is starting to change. (signed Jude the Obscure)


  2. Mark says:

    You are a truly fantastic artist. Creative, collaborative, dedicated, and not to mention very skilled at what you do. I highly recommend people checking your work out!


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