Interior solutions and furniture elements

Unremittedly keeping honing up my skills in diversity of different areas of productional design including such of industrial parts, I have successfully designed solutions for visual rendering and representation of interior and furnoiture elements. Rendering has been achieved by using of different light maps and props mainly inside the KeyShot application. Please make sure to see more 3D models and renders out in the interior and production design section.


Introductory letter

🙂 Here I go to introduce myself to this World in sorta for zillion times before…I hold a Master’s diploma in Marketing and PR and have in background with successfully accomplished professional courses in Graphics Design from different acclaimed Art tutoring companies as well as Gnomon, CGcookie, 3Dbuzz, Gumroad, Cuberush, Scillshare, Schoolism, SVS (Stan Winston), Uatrsy, Udemy and being a sheer Creative individual myself, I am sharing a deep passion to the beauty and elegance of designing things.